Technical Asset Management

Property Management that takes account of profitability and economics aspects

Technical Asset Management

Technical Asset Management (TAM) comprises advisory and management services from an economic and technical viewpoint across the entire property life cycle for investors, portfolio managers and tenants/users. With the aim of ensuring sustainable usage and the profitability of properties, we support our customers in buying and selling processes, property development, revitalisation and maintenance projects, in rental and letting undertakings, as well as in controlling and monitoring tasks.

Backed by a highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team of property experts comprising architects, engineers and property economists with an active and entrepreneurial mindset, and a presence throughout Germany, we will see your projects through to success.

Our range of services

for tenants / owners

Occupier Projekt Management

  • Providing services for the tenant through commissioning on a national and international scale
  • Project management for extensions, conversions, revitalisations and new buildings, if required
  • Feasibility analysis prior to relocation, extension, new build
  • Relocation management
  • Technical tenant consulting prior to, during and after the extension process as advanced monitoring

User / tenant coordination

  • Providing services for the lessor or owner, or portfolio manager in the context of (new) leases
  • Property-related technical advisory services as a basis for lease agreements and contracts of use
  • Project management and advisory services during planning and execution of contractually agreed tenant/user-related extensions and/or conversions, as well as acceptance and handover of the premises to the tenant/user upon project completion
  • Technical consultancy and management services for the purpose of performing the contractual obligations of the lessor / owner towards the tenant / user

for investors

Maintenance management

  • Technical investigation of property condition / valuation, with initial survey and, if necessary, follow-up investigations
  • Property-related technical advisory services for repair and maintenance strategies
  • Project management and advisory services for repair and maintenance requirements

Project development consulting / management

  • Providing services for investors, owners and portfolio managers in optimising the value of and developing existing properties and new builds
  • Preparing feasibility studies, potential analyses, business case analyses, investment appraisals
  • Service development for existing and new buildings
  • Project management and advisory services for planning, execution and completion / handing over of the project development
  • Support in the marketing / selling process involving the respective CBRE business lines

Revitalisation consulting / management

  • Providing services to identify repair and maintenance requirements, property characteristics (e.g. alternative uses, flexibility etc.) and optimising the potential value of existing properties
  • Technical analysis of the property’s condition and valuation
  • Revitalisation/refurbishment advice and management for office, retail and residential buildings

Project controlling / Monitoring

  • Providing services for investors and financing institutions
  • Project controlling to ensure the contractually agreed features alongside the planning and execution of property projects
  • Monitoring for overseeing risks during planning and implementation from the standpoint of banks / financing institutions

Your contact persons

Marko Meffert

Marko Meffert

Senior Director
Head of Technical Asset Management

Schützenstraße 6a
10117 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 / 293 632 0
E: marko.meffert(at)

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